Monday, May 24, 2010

Could this be our starting Running back this year

Monday, May 17, 2010

small window into KU football recruting for 2011

Here's a brief compilation of how many guys KU will be taking at certain positions, I think they'll take 1 and maybe 2 QB's if they get the right guys, but I can't confirm that, the numbers below are what recruits have been told by the staff

RB - done
LB - 2 (1 more with Love already in the fold)
WR - 1 or none
Safety - 2
OL- 4

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Motivation for Senior Night

Saw this while taking a leak in Lawrence today

Bad photo-"fuck kstate"

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Baseball team- updated

Rough start- lost 1st game of a DH at eastern michigan - they are
playing w/out Tony Thompson but did take the second game for the split.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Guess who got bombed out of her mind in Lawrence?

Even Barry Henson wanted to know the date of the wedding.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Pretty sure Clemente wants to suck my cock. Nice win against the skers- dick sniff.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick football hits

The names on the back of the jersey are being replaced with a Jayhawk and the stripe on the helmet is going to be removed.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


From Pat Forde- (normally a douche- mizz guy)

Anyway, this rumination led to a Minutes Media Poll of sports writers who do their work in the college towns of America. The Minutes asked writers who cover the six major conferences to name the best and worst towns in their respective leagues -- and the best and worst basketball towns. (There can be a distinct difference.)

The results are as follows, with anonymous quotes from the respondents. Feel free to get outraged on behalf of your school's town if it does not get sufficient praise and adoration -- but remember, this is the work of more than 50 writers, not just the opinion of The Minutes:

Best Basketball Town: Lawrence (10).
Comment: "Lawrence is clearly the class of the Big 12 in hoops, the only one to win an NCAA title since the league was formed. Before KU won as a Big Eight team in 1988, the last titles belonged to Kansas in 1952 and Oklahoma State, twice in the 1940s when, I believe, they were playing three-on-three at each end, no crossing midcourt. As for Allen Fieldhouse, it's like a museum, maybe one that is haunted. I always think a famous dead guy is going reach out and shake my hand."
Also receiving votes: None. Lawrence was the lone unanimous pick in the entire survey.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Closer look at the recruiting class

Quin Meachem- QB- will compete for the starting spot, but so will Kale Pick and Jordan Webb.
Meachum threw some good balls but not anything that'll get you going crazy.

James Sims- RB- a complete back that can run power and speed and catch the ball out of the backfield. Think Opurum except quicker and with better top end speed. A complete back. He'll make a name for himself at some point on the hill.

Brandon Bourbon- RB- freaky athletic. Complete package and should play early, a big get for the late in the game. The only problem I see w/ Bourbon and Sims is that I know Opurum will play early and I think Rell Lewis will too as well as Deshaun Sands has impressed in practice- so there's a lot of competition there.

Brian Maura-WR- in the mix from day 1 to be the KR, which is major position of need. Should contribute at WR as well maybe as a sophomore. Doesn't having blazing speed but he ran away from people in Dade county football down in Miami so he's pretty fast.

Keeston Terry- WR- he is the same size Briscoe was when he got to Mt. Oread and has a similar game. Very shifty with the ball in his hands but doesn't appear to have that crazy speed. I think he gives you too many options with the ball in his hands but I could COULD see him as a safety.

Ricki Herrod Jr- WR- from Texass, will need a RS year, played for a team that didn't pass much but he was the MVP at a Nike combine last summer and is very gifted. Has good size and speed and can go up and get the ball, same with Maura.

Andrew Turzilli- WR- from NJ, all his film was jump balls has good height obviously, hard to tell much from a guy getting jump balls against HS dudes, unless its spectacular like Briscoe's was.

Trent Smiley- TE- top 20 at his position and the best TE in the state of Texas. Can absolutely clean people with his blocks and plays like a flexed out TE. If Chuck Long plays 2 TE's next year, Smiley will likely play and be the heir apparent to Tim Biere, very good pickup by the staff.

Chad Kolumber- OL- played tackle in HS, will probably move down to a guard, doesn't have the footwork to play tackle, but showed he can drive people back, which is perfect for a guard. Regarded a project, but he won't need to play early anyway.
Turner Gill did say he wanted to get more OL in this class but Kolumber is the only one the landed. Look for them to go big on OL next year, I could see them taking as many as 5 but more likely 4.

Keba Agostinho- DE- played inside and out in HS, coaches think he'll get to 290, which means he'll be used as a speed rusher inside. Gets off the ball very quickly and looks to be a good pickup for the D.

JaQwaylan Arps- DE- slow, not very impressive film at the DE spot at least to me. He played OT in HS and I could see him getting moved over to that side of the ball or moving down to DT, but I don't see him being a DE.

Pat Lewandowski- DE- blew his ACL before his JR year began so he really flew under the radar. He can play and once he puts some weight on he looks like a SDE. This is the best DE in the class and the most likely to stay at the position.

Jeremiah Edwards- DT- 6-1 308 lbs and he erupts off the ball. I like his game a lot- he reminds me of a bigger James McClinton. Should be a player down the road.

Jimmy Mundine- OLB- teammate of JaQwaylan Arps that has been told he'll play TE. I didn't think much of his TE film but LJ thought it was great, so we'll have to see, I liked him at LB a lot.

Ed Fink- LB- tough smart kid, don't remember much from his film, but since we sucked at LB last year he's got a chance just based on position.

Jake Farley- LB- played safety in HS, son of a coach, his dad was assistant under Mason.
He played up in a LB position even though he was a safety and he played QB in HS, this is guy I didn't think I would like, but his film was good. I think offers an upgrade at LB but might need to add some weight to see the field as a FR. Reminds me of Kevin Kane if Kane wad fast enough to play OLB

Ray Mitchell- S/CB- teammate of James Sims, didn't do much for me.

Dexter McDonald- CB- from rockhurst, didn't do a ton for me and in his film which is supposed to be all great plays he misplayed a ball that he could have jumped the route and gone to the house. Mizz had him for a bit and then Illinois and then he ended up at KU so he must have something that I didn't see on film, so we'll see.

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Recruiting wrap up was fun- for all the wrong reasons

Good times meeting TG and some photo OP's. I think this class is good all things considered, I saw a couple of good players on film, but nothing that got me super excited and the defensive side of the ball was neglected in a big way, not on purpose I'm sure it just so happened that way.
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